Stockton Custom Fabication


Stockton Custom Fabrication
Stockton Products™ Has Made Some Exciting Changes In Our Livermore And Orange Facilities

In order to expand our metal forming capabilities, we've made a significant investment in state-of-the-art equipment and experienced personnel to accomplish this goal.

Established as "Stockton Custom Fabrication", this new division will permit us to greatly expand our product line and market reach and give us the ability to offer all types of custom fabricated metal items as well as expand our current line of stock metal items through innovation and cost saving economies.

Automated Sheet Metal Fabrication
Stockton Products can support any sheet metal projects with our state of the art metal fabrication facilities. Stockton Products has invested in the latest tech to support growing demands and evolving business. Our capabilities include 2D fiber laser cutting, high speed punching and precision metal forming equipment. Our equipment is equipped with automated loading and unloading, CNC 6 axis back gauges and CNC controlled laser and turret punching technology. Stockton Products is set up for prototyping, medium to large scale production operations to satisfy all customer expectations.

Our software allows for our design team to create your design and bring it to reality through 3D modeling and programming.

Roll Forming
Our highly skilled roll forming department has a lot to offer our customers. Our ability to produce product at a high rate and maintain precise tolerances has always been a goal of Stockton Products™. We roll form thousands of parts and stock our five locations (North Las Vegas, NV • Burbank, CA • Livermore, CA • Orange, CA • Phoenix, AZ) to satisfy our customers’ expectations and reduce lead times.

    Equipment List
  • Trumpf 3040 TruLaser Fiber Laser
  • Trumpf 2020 TruMatic Punch
  • Trumpf 5170 TruBend
  • Trumpf 7036 TruBend
  • Trumpf TruTops Boost Software
  • Katus 20 Ton Punch Press
  • Dahlstrom Rollformer
  • Yoder Rollformer
  • Cidan Fx30 Folder
  • Ras Turbobend Folder
  • Ras Shear
  • Haco .25 X 12 Shear
  • Lincoln Power Mig Welder
  • Tommy Industrial 55 Ton

TruLaser 3040
TruLaser 3040
TruLaser 3040 fiber cuts extremely quick with high edge quality this solid-state laser enables the processing of non-ferrous metals and provides productivity benefit in thick and thin sheets. The 80" x 160" bed allows for processing of large parts. This machine is also equipped with automation for lights out operations.

TruBend 5170
TruMatic 2020 Punch
TruBend 5170The TruMatic 2020 Punching machines from TRUMPF enable you to process a diverse range of parts with flexibility. In addition to punching, the machines provide the option to form sheet metal parts or to integrate a thread – all on one machine. The punching head can turn the tool to any angular position. This minimizes setup times and increases your productivity. Innovative developments such as the active and descending die guarantee the best part quality. Intelligent automation options relieve the operator and increase throughput.
Numerous Application Possibilities With The Highest Productivity
With the MultiTool tools, you can not only carry out punching processes highly productively, but you can also form and emboss. Up to ten different inserts in one tool adapter ensure shorter setup and tool change times. Particularly when it comes to processing sheet parts with varying small punching operations and large slot sizes.

TruBend 5170
TruBend 5170
14ft 170 ton TruBend 5170 press brake is capable of bending thin & thick complex sheet metal parts with high levels of angular accuracy. Features such as lower tool displacement for hemming and 6 axis backguages provide us a unique advantage and complete production freedom from programming, to set up, to bending productivity the innovated features of this machine allow us to be unmatched in quality and productivity.

TruBend 5170
TruBend 7036
The TruBend 7036 is exceptional for prototyping and processing of small intricate parts with tight bends and tolerances. This high speed ergonomic pressbrake has 36 tons of press force with a 6 axis backguage Small, precise bends with short flanges make this machine a perfect tool for large or small production runs.


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